Community Partners

Collaborations & Initiatives...

Working Together, We Achieve More

The Victoria County United Way works to advancing the common good. This means creating opportunities for a better life for all, participating in collaborative efforts and involving our community in solutions that benefit all of us.

Our Community Investment allocations process distributes grants within the three strategic goal areas.  As part of our desire to impact and show positive progress towards achieving our goals, we have identified strategies (some shown below) to generate the outcomes we desire. We are fortunate to partner with local non-profit agencies to provided specific programs that in turn address our strategies and influence our funding goals.

There are many challenges that we face as a community. It takes everyone working together to create a brighter future. Together we can accomplish more than any single group on its own. Working with many partners, United Way continually looks for the most effective ways to help meet the most basic needs in life.

When we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all. Our leadership understands that we all win when a child succeeds in school, when families are financially stable and when people have good health. These results and changes have benefits that ripple out to the community as a whole.