Our History

Over 65 Years of Serving Crossroads Communities

The organization was established in 1947 and at various times during its history was known as…Red Feather, Community Chest, and United Fund of Victoria.  Old By-laws indicate that the organization was established to support benevolent, charitable, educational or missionary undertakings as allowed by State Statue and had as its core mission the following functions: raising of funds, uniting the fundraising campaigns of local organizations, distribution of funds and cooperating with City and County authorities in protecting the citizens, corporations and associations against unworthy, inefficient and unnecessary charitable appeals.

Significant changes have occurred over the past 65 plus years. The organization is known now as the “Victoria County United Way”. Our mission has grown out of the concerns of many community residents and leaders to find an effective way to meet the needs in providing health, welfare, and other services to the community. It was determined that a local United Way organization would be the most effective way to address the community needs with local dollars supporting local services.

The New United Way

For more than 65 years, Victoria County United Way has held a reputation as our community's fundraiser, but United Way doesn't just raise money. Today’s United Way is a focused, results-driven system working year-round to change community conditions and create lasting solutions. Much like a "general contractor" manages all aspects of constructing a building, we manage people and resources to create lasting, positive solutions in lives that need it most. Through strong partnerships with volunteers, local business, government and nonprofit organizations, United Way accomplishes what no one can do alone.

There are basic things that we all need for a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, income that can support a family through retirement, and good health. Together, we can Build a Better Community in Victoria and DeWitt counties.

Victoria County United Way is led by a forty-seven member Board of Directors including an nine member Executive Committee, and is comprised of local volunteers. These volunteers are responsible for setting policies, budget and for overseeing the direction of the Victoria County United Way. The 2009-10 Board President is Omar Rachid of Citizens Medical Center.

Our By-laws were reviewed, updated and approved by the Board of Directors in April 2009 as part of our annual assessment of organizational operations and governance.

Victoria County United Way is a 100% independent local non-profit organization that focuses on human service needs of communities in this area. United Way is much more than a fund-raising organization. United Way is about changing lives. United Way works with dozens of partners to deliver results. Our primary service area is Victoria County and includes DeWitt County and Lavaca County.

It takes everyone in the community working together to create a brighter future. We bring together people from all across the community–government, business, faith groups, nonprofits, the labor movement, ordinary citizens–to tackle the issues. Because we all win when a child succeeds in school, when a family becomes financially stable, when people have good health.