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Campaign Cabinet

Campaign Cabinet

Here are the community leaders serving on the 2018/19 Community Campaign Cabinet.  VCUW receives support from more than 400 volunteers annually to help run our annual campaign:  

2018/19 Community Campaign Chair

  Art Strother, Caterpillar, Inc.   

Events Chair
  Margaret Carver, Prosperity Bank 

Chair, Direct Mail Campaign      

   LuAnn O'Connor, The Ron Brown Company 

Chair, Top 25 Accounts
Mike Cavazos, klean corp., inc.

Chair, Professional Division

Will Sager, Zarsky Lumber Company 

Chair, Large Business Division
Sheila Vesley, New First National Bank 

Chair, Small Business Division Co-Chairs
Jill Blucher, Wells Fargo

Chair, Oil & Gas Division
Ron Chaney, CenterPoint

Chair, Public Service Division
Nora Kucera, Victoria County

Chair, Education Division
Amy Mundy, Victoria College