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Your time, effort and talent are absolutely essential to helping the Victoria County United Way improve lives and strengthen our community. It also takes focus, creativeness, and willing hearts and hands to get results. It takes you and and all of us who donate valuable time, talent and treasure to build a stronger and safer community.

To get results, Victoria County United Way brings diverse people and resources together to address the issues you care about most. (361) 578-3561.

UNDER CAMPAIGN CABINET, see the list of community volunteers serving on the 2018/19 Community Campaign Cabinet. Just contact us if you want to help! 

Ready to help? Here's how you can do what matters!

Run a United Way Campaign

Hundreds of businesses and organizations in Victoria County  run a campaign for United Way each year. The benefits are greater than you may know. United Way campaigns build employee morale and sense of team by focusing employees on critical community issues. The best campaigns are fun and engaging, and are a welcome part of a company's annual calendar.

Volunteering is a great way to get involved and see immediate results for your efforts. You may think volunteering means picking up a paintbrush, planting trees, or working in a soup kitchen. But many nonprofits need professional services like writing a business plan, doing their books, developing a web site, board governance, or software training. United Way offers you several ways to get involved and make an impact.

United Way Store
Enhance your campaign by ordering and using United Way materials and supplies. Click "here" to Order United Way materials and supplies from the United Way Worldwide store.

Visit our Campaign Toolkit
We have organized the Campaign Toolkit to provide you with the useful information and materials that will help you reach, educate and inspire a variety of audiences, including potential donors and volunteers who can help your campaign soar.

To begin, you may want read the quick and helpful “Campaign Leaders Resource Guide” for a few ways to ensure an outstanding campaign. Many of these materials can be downloaded directly from the Toolkit, while others can be viewed online and then ordered free of charge or borrowed through your United Way representative!

Quick Tips for Your Campaign
Successful Campaign Leaders follow a few guidelines to ensure an outstanding campaign:

  1. Work closely with the VCUW staff to find the most effective campaign approach for your organization.
  2. Use your Campaign Leader’s guide for step-by-step tips on running your campaign.
  3. Give your own gift: its easier to ask others to give when you have made a personal contribution.
  4. Recruit a campaign committee to help you generate support for the campaign.
  5. Solicitors can help you ask for gifts. Inspire and inform these vital committee members with the Campaign Leaders Guide and attending a Campaign Coordinators Training event.
  6. Remember to explore the tools available at our website.
  7. Set goals and report final results for your company.
  8. Thank employees and your campaign committee!

Questions about using the Campaign Toolkit or running a United Way campaign? Please email United Way or call our office at 361.578.3561.