Hurricane Harvey Information

Thank you so much to the generous contributors for our recovery from Hurricane Harvey! Donors are listed further below.

 As of January 7, 2019, we have provided more than $182, 500 to help people impacted by Hurricane Harvey with temporary shelter, rental assistance, materials to repair their homes by volunteers, replace appliances destroyed by the water in their homes, and many other critical basic needs.  

Local organizations helping people after Hurricane Harvey received $115,000 to directly assist families: 

     (1) $30,000 to Mid-Coast Family Services (six different $5,000 grants) to assist  families affected by Hurricane Harvey, particularly emergency housing needs
     (2) $30,000 to Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity to buy materials to repair homes by the volunteers coming to our area
      (3) $21,000 to Community Action Agency for transitional emergency needs including rent assistance when that money had been used to evacuate to a hotel, etc.
     (4) $10,200 to the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent for weekend meals for children in Bloomington/Placedo
     (5) $10,000 to the Perpetual Help Home which lost 9 bedrooms to damage from trees falling on their home and the resulting flooding of those rooms
     (6) $5,800 to the YMCA to provide free afterschool care for displaced children from the Hurricane
     (7) $2,000  to Communities in Schools to help youth at risk of dropping out of school that lost school supplies and clothing
     (8) $3,000 to Victoria Christian Assistance Ministry for help with prescription drugs and basic needs
     (9) $3,000 to the STARS Clinic after they were impacted by closure due to the hurricane
The guidelines established by Victoria County United Way for use of these funds is in the application tab.  Additional funds are continuing to be distributed.  

(open only to qualified 501c3 social service agencies)

(your contributions are still needed)

Thank you to our donors!
 $    50,000  - Devon Energy;  Frost Insurance 
 $    40,000 -  Wells Fargo
 $ 130,334 - United Way World Wide Disaster Fund (individuals across the U.S.)
 $ 25,000 - Dow Chemical Company
 $   5,000 -  Lester & Burdine Giese and Dr. Tom & Pat Butler
 $   2,000 - Donosco Charitable Grant 
 $   1,000, see list:
           Bill & Nancy Blackwell
           Phyllis Keller
           Kyle Noack
           Justin Bell
           Sherry Bell
           Cynthia & Larry Norwood
           Glinke Family Charitable Fund
           James Hunt
 $500 - Patrick Thompson 
 $300 -Frank Smesny
          Charles Almendarez
    Peter Settle
    Juia Bui
   Gregory Stuteville
   Christine Giamarco
   Lewis Webb
   Barbara Kyse
   Tom Ortiz
   Sadaf Ali
  Alice Hand
   William Jones
   Gale Marrone
   Brian Riddering
   John Salvatrerra
   Kenneth Hanzel
   Trice Mott
   Jamie Underwood
   James Bentley
   Charles Cain
   Joshy Mathew
   Charles Owens
   Melissa Ohnoutka
   Andrew Worden
   Susan Dias
   David Evans
   Ali Kerr
   Jesus Medina
   Peggy Stoll
Up to $100
   Mary Baker
  Cruz Cobo
  Frances Duggar
  Faiq Raza
  Denise Durgin
Michael Hines
Erica Cochran
Alysa Turner
Tyler Johnson
Mary Craighead
Sean McQueen
Michelle Rudolph
Lanise Woods
Robert Eibert
Mary Morin
Judith Bianco
Elango Ramomoorthy
Tracey Stockwell
Jonathan Colan
Marcial Gonzales
Shirley Cates
Elona Ryspayeva
Linda Wells
Julie Thyne
Bernie Mark
Adam Edwards
Bryon Pantel
Teri Hedrick
Tara Bahruth
Dennis Tolsma
Eileen Wolff
Julie Byrne
Dan Ngo
Victoria Bagdayan
Harriet Hoeprich
Barbara Breiner