Advocate editorial board opinion: Organization helps nonprofits to aid community

The Victoria County United Way is an organization that can make a powerful impact on the community. The organization does it every year. However, it needs your help; it can't do it alone.

Clifford Grimes, United Way executive director, stresses that the organization relies on contributions from everyday people to fulfill the needs of the community in three main areas: health, income and education.

"United Way is how our community comes together to solve problems," he said.
This year, the organization has a fundraising goal of $871,000 to prepare for 2012. The effort kicked off with 22 percent of their goal already in place, and one week later, has reached 24 percent.

Of that money, only 1 percent goes to national dues, which goes toward marketing, national support and training for local staff.

The organization gives to 19 other nonprofits to help improve the community in Victoria County. When a lower-income family needs groceries, they can get help from the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent. When they need childcare so the parents can work, they can go to the Boys and Girls Club. Families left homeless from fires can get assistance from the local chapter of the American Red Cross, Victoria. All of these agencies receive grants from the United Way.

Yes, Victoria, just like the rest of the nation, is recovering from the Great Recession. But that makes the need for those who can give to do so all the greater.

"It's important for everyone to express their caring through giving to others," Grimes said. "We want to give everyone that opportunity to give."

We encourage everyone who is able to give to this organization, and know that by doing so, you are contributing toward building a better Victoria. You never know who you could be helping when you do.

This editorial reflects the views of the Victoria Advocate's editorial board.