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VCUW Disaster Relief Fund

Victoria County United Way
Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Fund 


On August 25th, Hurricane Harvey hit Victoria and the surrounding communities, causing much damage from the storm’s very strong winds and rainfall that lasted many hours.
The VCUW Board of Directors established funding priorities, exclusions and the process for how these funds will be used,  as well as how information will be provided to donors and the public on how the contributions are being used to help those affected by this disaster.  
  1. The short-term focus will be on basic needs – food, clothing, shelter, prescriptions as determined with consultation with our partner agencies and others working on disaster relief.
  2. Contributions from individuals will aid individuals and families affected by Hurricane Harvey.
  3. Contributions from corporations and foundations may be directed as well to community level concerns addressed by VCUW partner agencies and/or other 501(c) 3 organizations, with the expectation that all funds will be allocated by the end of VCUW’s fiscal year (June 30, 2018).
  4. Funding decisions, in line with the priorities, are being made by a Disaster Relief Committee of the Executive Director, Allocations Chair and 3 appointed members from the Allocations Committee, Board of Directors or community sector.
  5. Funding Exclusions:
    • No funds will be used for administration or overhead
    • No funding to any VCUW Board member or staff
    • No funding to any political candidate, cause or forum
    • No funding for guns, or weapons of any kind
  6. All contributions will be recorded as Disaster Relief Funds and all expenditures will be listed separately under ‘Disaster Relief Fund’ for financial reporting.
  7. The Treasurer will review all deposits and expenditures on a quarterly basis.
  8. Each donor will be thanked with a personal thank you letter and tax receipt (being done immediately on receipt) and donors will be recognized on our website.
  9. Grants will be posted on our website and routinely updated


  1. Grants will be made via the simple application below to the partner agencies working in this disaster providing local assistance, particularly to affected individuals and families after insurance and FEMA assistance.
  2. Grants may be made to qualified non-partner 501(c)3 organizations working on this disaster, limited to $2,000 unless a different amount is recommended by the Disaster Relief Committee and approved by the VCUW Executive Committee.
  3. A limited number of small denomination HEB gift cards will be distributed to agencies assisting individuals in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane for use by individuals in critical need.
  4. Grant requirements:
  • Applicants will specify how the funds will be used and whether they are prioritizing needs (ex: elderly, disabled, uninsured, underinsured, home repairs, etc.)
  • Grant recipients will agree to expend the funds to provide relief to affected individuals and families
  • Grant recipients will agree to return any unused funds
  • Grant recipients will agree to maintain an accurate accounting record and report how the funds were used.
  • Grant recipients will acknowledge Victoria County United Way as a partner in these efforts

                                   Application for Disaster Relief Funds - Click Here